• Apple beer - a beer with the power of the apple,its vitamines, mineral nutrients and antioxidants
  • Shandy - Radler Fritz, a homage for the "Old Fritz", the soldier-king, who learned brewage with 19 years
  • Anti-Aging Bier - with brine water, algae and flavonoide
  • Gluten free beer - for people with gluten intolerance who are not allowed to enjoy a traditional beer
  • non-alcoholic beer - a real thirst quencher
  • non-alcoholic cherry beer
  • non-alcoholic apple beer

Beer: Flip Top Range and Specialties from Eastern Germany

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Traditional Bavarian Beer in flip top bottles; Bioweisse - ORGANIC wheat beer

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Schwarzer Abt, Black Abbot (dark black beer, sweet aromatic malt taste); Porter (black beer, extra strong); cherry beer (blend of beer and cherry juice), ...

Unique "Doppelbock" Selection:

Traditional German Wheat Beer Selection:
Weizen, Ur-Weisse, Canned Beer